Divine Art Edition

Divine Art EditionDivine Art Edition is part of Divine Art Recordings, a specialist label that began life in a small village in England in 1992, when it agreed to make a recording to help raise funds for the local church.

What followed was the birth and growth of a collection of – in their own words – an “innovative, eclectic, fascinating, inspiring” catalogue of music from various genres.

In time, Divine Art has grown into an international business with a reputation for quality and for introducing new music and fascinating rarities.

Over the years, Divine Art acquired other specialist recording labels, like Athene, Athene-Minerva, Metier and Dunelm.

Sheet music has been part of the Divine Art “repertoire” for  several years (previously under the umbrella of ‘Brandon Music’) and we’re proud to present here a collection of original works by composers including John Garth, Eric Craven, John R. Williamson, John Ramsay, Smaro Gregoriadou, Jonathan Richards, Alphonse Catherine and Jacques Durand. Many more titles  are in preparation.

View the full catalogue here.

Visit the Divine Art Recordings website for more information about their releases.