Guitar Duo Srdjan Bulatović & Darko Nikčević

Darko Nikčević and Srdjan Bulatović, the internationally renowned guitar duo from Montenegro, are acclaimed for their virtuosity and exciting performances providing a unique blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern mysticism.

For more than a quarter of a century, they have performed for national and international audiences, presenting their own compositions which evoke the multiple qualities of classical and flamenco guitar.

Their works are varied in terms of character, style, technique, rhythm and tempo, and share a common thread of Montenegrin traditional music, movie soundtracks, world music and popular contemporary movements.

Nikčević and Bulatović were recognised by the country of Montenegro with the state's most prestigious honour, the Thirteenth of July Award.

The Duo’s comments on their compositions provide a useful introduction to their music.

‘The process of making our music is unusual because our music often comes to us completely unexpectedly. The inspiration comes from the uniquely wonderful nature that surrounds us and through the characteristic rhythms and melodies familiar since childhood which continue to resonate among the emotions and experiences of our everyday life.’

Feel the Moment sheet music

Our new collection of sheet music by the Guitar Duo Srdjan Bulatović & Darko Nikčević contains music from their forthcoming Naxos CD, Feel the Moment, to be released soon. 

“The recent period was one of the strangest in our lives. It forced us to be alone, to peek deep into ourselves, into our emotions, feelings, experiences of our own lives.
As such, these times brought a lot of uncertainty and dilemmas, but they were also useful for our creativity, because they ‘forced’ us to dedicate ourselves even more to what we love the most – music. For this album, we sought inspiration exclusively within ourselves, which led to our new music being different from anything we’ve done so far.”

Darko Nikčević

Darko Nikčević

Darko Nikčević (born 1971 in Nikšić, Montenegro) is a guitarist, composer and audio engineer. He has played the guitar since the age of six, and since then has felt a constant need to create his own music.

He began composing the repertoire that he currently records and performs in the early 1990s. In addition to classical music, which he has played since his childhood, his discovery of flamenco music, with all its advanced guitar techniques, opened up new aspects and ways of musical expression to him.

An intense study of jazz music and harmony, as well as various other genres, has contributed to his musical knowledge, helping him to find his own, authentic expression and original way of composing. His passion for music has led to the creation of more than 40 compositions.

Thanks to his expert knowledge of audio technology, which he enriched with his university education (electrical engineering studies and an MSc in audio technology), he is able to record and produce the albums that he releases together with his colleague Srdjan Bulatović, resulting in an optimum recording process for the duo.

Srdjan Bulatović

Srdjan Bulatović

Srdjan Bulatović (born 1972 in Podgorica, Montenegro) is a guitarist and composer. He completed his doctoral studies on the subject The Influence of Flamenco on the Development of Classical Guitar Playing Techniques at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade.

To date, he has given numerous international concerts, including at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2016 and 2017. He is the author of the book The Collection of Compositions and Etudes for classical guitar (2003) and co-author, with Darko Nikčević, of the textbook Guitar for Beginners (published in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2016).

As a soloist, he has released Guitar (1998), which was the first classical music album to be recorded and published in Montenegro, Live in Belgrade (2010) and Fuoco (2012). He also recorded the album Caffe (2012) with flautist Boris Nikčević.

Bulatović is the founder and director of the classical guitar festival Guitar Days in Podgorica.

Duo Recordings

Srdjan Bulatović and Darko Nikčević have recorded the albums Duo (2001), Nostalgia (2005), Touch of Montenegro (2011), Synergy (2012), Ritmico (2015), The Best of Montenegro (2016), Balkan, Mediterranean, Orient (2017) The Sea, (Naxos 8.573943, 2018) and Peninsula (Naxos 8.574193, 2020). 

Sheet Music

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Selected recordings

Duo Bulatović Nikčević, The SeaThe Sea

Catalogue No: 8.573943
Release Date: 07/2018

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Guitar Duo Bulatović and Nikčević, PeninsulaThe Peninsula

Catalogue No: 8.574193
Release Date: 06/2020

Listen to excerpts, buy and stream the album

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